We offer the opportunity for each resident to develop physically, socially, and cognitively
according to their individual learning style and capabilities. Some of our methods include but
are not limited to:

  • Tutoring
       Mandatory for all subjects where residents have a grade averaging less than 84%

  • Facility based life skills training
       Through the efforts of our employees, area professionals, volunteers, mentors, along with
each residents’ circle of support we shall prepare our residents for adulthood.

  • Sixty minutes each day of physical activity
       This activity may be accomplished through school involvement, facility based activity,
at the local YMCA, or by an activity organized by the administrative team.

  • Community activities and involvement/ volunteering

  • Spiritual activities as well as social involvement

  • Counseling
       Group counseling sessions are mandatory twice a month for all residents, however if any
resident has an assessed need for more and/ or individual sessions, we will cater to their

  • College tour trips

  • Exploration of careers through internships

Our activities are evaluated on a regular basis and changes are made to tailor to the needs of our
Services Provided
Phoenix T & E LLC