Helping Hands
Phoenix T & E LLC
Are you looking to get involved?
We have a place for you.

Actively seeking:
Volunteers– Who are available to help out on field trips,
facility functions, or just to show some extra support with

daily activities.

Mentors– To take one resident under their wing and shower
them with support, encouragement, and advice. Someone
separate from the group to give a special resident some
individual attention from time to time.

Tutors- We request that our tutor candidates have teaching
experience. High school curricula can be challenging and we
want to be sure to provide our residents with accurate
information. (All subjects needed).

Guest Speaker- Knowledge is key. It is important that our
residents receive facts over a wide variety of career options.
We need experienced professionals to share knowledge in

their field of expertise.
Phoenix T&E LLC
Remember, your contribution helps big or small.
We are currently seeking