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At Phoenix T & E LLC our mission is to meet the needs of each resident and strive for the best possible
outcome based on each residents' strengths and capabilities. We pride ourselves in being persistent, attentive,
caring, reliable and safe. Simply put, "we will not quit." Children are the future and we will see to it that our
residents reach for the stars and realize their full potential.

Our Vision:

Our program was created to enhance and challenge each resident's interests and abilities. By providing our
residents with shelter, support, encouragement, and life skills training, we strive to ensure that our residents lead
positive and productive futures in their adult lives. Activities and relationships occur in a healthy, positive,
productive, and relaxed environment in which well qualified employees will provide attention, guidance, and a
nurturing environment for each of our residents.
Phoenix T & E LLC
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Conroe, TX 77304
Phone: 936-703-3196
E-mail: info@phoenixtnecares.org